About Us

FIVDIC (Finnish In Vitro Diagnostics Industry Cluster) is a flexible and informal virtual organization, founded in 1997 by a group of leading Finnish diagnostic companies. From the beginning, its mission has been to initiate new industry-driven research programs and thereby facilitate the formation of successful partnerships among research teams in the field of clinical and point-of-care diagnostics.

FIVDIC has had an essential role in the creation of the Tekes Diagnostics 2000 Program and the SalWe Intelligent Monitoring of Health and Well-being Program. FIVDIC seeks to avoid overlap and operates closely with other organizations in the field, e.g. FiHTA, FIB, SaiLab and PIF.

Jouko Haapalahti, MD.PhD(hc.), eMBA
FIVDIC Chairman
C/O JouZeNet Consulting Ltd
Köykkyrintie 28, 90450 Kempele
+358 440 419 477
Skype: jouko.haapalahti_1